For business owners, there’s nothing more important than protecting the business you built. This not only means making smart business decisions, but it also means literally protecting your business by doing all you can to improve the security of your building—making it hard for any potential intruders to gain access to your commercial space.

To help you improve the security of your commercial locks without breaking the bank, the trusted locksmiths of Jackson, MS, and Fayetteville, AR, would like to offer some pointers. Here are some money-saving tactics for optimizing your commercial locks.


If you fear that your locks may be vulnerable because of key control—perhaps a terminated employee stormed off without returning his or her key—rekeying may be the way to go. Naturally, it is more expensive to have your locks changed than it is to have them rekeyed. Rekeying locks requires less new materials. Though it depends on the type of locks you have, standard pin tumbler locks are relatively easy to replace, as well as inexpensive. This process typically entails removing the pins inside the lock cylinder and replacing them with all new parts. Rekeying can also be a possible alternative when the internals of your locks are worn.

Upgrade to Commercial Locks

Not all businesses use strong storefront door locks. If your business is using residential locks or weak, insubstantial locks, an upgrade to strong commercial-grade locks may be in your best interest. Whether you decide to put in a simple mortise lock or use this opportunity to upgrade and invest in electronic locks, both options will be better than flimsy locks. Commercial storefront locks are designs to withstand more turns and rotations than residential locks. They also boast a thicker construction which makes them more durable. Though this isn’t the most economical solution, sometimes there’s no other way to get the security and peace of mind you need as a business owner.

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Lock Maintenance

Routine maintenance is crucial to overall lock function and, therefore, lock security. If your lock is sticking or showing signs of wear, this will only get worse over time, and by letting the problem go unresolved, you are actually speeding up the deterioration of your lock. Caring for your locks and keeping them maintained is an easy way to ensure your lock is subject to the lowest amount of wear and tear.

Applying some lubrication in the bolts, latches, and the keyway is the surest and simplest form of maintenance. This will reduce the friction of your locks—after all, locks are essentially several pieces of metal grinding against each other. Keeping these interactions smooth is crucial to improving their function and lifespan.

Contact a Locksmith

Though you may think that calling your local locksmith is not the most cost-effective solution to improving locks, this could actually be the decision that saves you the most time and money. Calling an affordable locksmith will enlist the services of a professional. They can make sure that all of the above tasks were done correctly, or if you have yet to perform them, they can do them for you or help you make the best decision.

Additionally, if you are thinking of replacing or rekeying your locks, you’ll likely want to contact a professional locksmith. These tasks—especially repinning—can be tricky and may necessitate the support of an experienced locksmith.

If you want to bolster up your commercial locks, keep the above tips in mind, and don’t hesitate to contact Lock Poppers. From getting a broken key out of a lock to helping you pop a lock, we are ready to help. As trusted providers of locksmith services, we take pride in being the go-to 24-hour locksmith in Jackson, Mississippi, and Fayetteville, Arkansas, and look forward to helping you with all your lock needs.