Unlike residential spaces, commercial spaces must be built to withstand the wear and tear of hundreds—if not thousands—of daily users, and the place that perhaps sees the most use and abuse can be the doors. Because they are used so frequently, commercial doors can encounter a number of issues including broken hinges, malfunctioning locks, sagging doors, broken levers, and misaligned latches. Here at Lock Poppers, we have seen all sorts of commercial door issues, and in today’s blog, we would like to share some tips to keep your doors working great.

At Lock Poppers, we specialize in auto, commercial, and residential locks, and serving the Fayetteville and Jackson region is a point of pride for us. Whether you need a lock repaired, rekeyed, replaced, or some other locksmith service, we are your go-to emergency locksmith. Below are some tips to improve your commercial doors.

Don’t Leave Doors Open

If you do not have a proper device or door feature to hold open your doors, don’t make a habit out of leaving them open. When doors are improperly propped open, they can become susceptible to being slammed shut and bent back, especially on windy days. This can not only damage your doors, but it can also potentially hurt someone.

Maintain Regularly

If you notice one morning that your lock isn’t working properly, don’t put it off and assume that it will fix itself over time. Be proactive and call a commercial locksmith. Even if your door is still functioning, don’t wait until a total breakdown. Doors are a crucial part of a commercial property, and not having proper working locks or doors can damage your business. Additionally, by being proactive and not putting off issues, it could be the difference between a simple repair and a more costly replacement.

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Treat Them Kindly

Although you can’t control how all of your customers use your doors, you can control how you and your employees care for your doors. Avoid employing the karate kick to open your door, and if you’re having trouble turning your key, don’t force it. This can lead to a broken cylinder and or key, which may require a broken key extraction or total lock replacement. If you feel like something is wrong with your locks, make the call now, before it’s an emergency. It will save you money and a headache.


Just as locks are a crucial part of any door, lubrication is crucial to the functionality of your locks, hinges, bolts, and other components of the door. When you lubricate your door, use a graphite or Teflon-based lubricant. This will help remove any dirt and grime that has accumulated and could, therefore, potentially cause your lock to jam.

Adjust Hinges

Each time a door opens and closes, the hinges are put to work. Over time, it is not uncommon for these hinges to loosen and fail. The best way of preventing this from happening is some simple maintenance that includes tightening up the screws on hinges. Don’t forget to tighten both the screws that go into the frame and into the door. Performing this simple adjustment will keep your door aligned, keep the bolt falling into the right place, and keep the door from pressing or rubbing against the frame.

Keep Doors Dry

The exterior components of your door are more than likely built to withstand the weather. Your hardware, on the other hand, is likely not. For this reason, when cleaning your doors or using a water hose near your doors, try to avoid getting your hardware wet. Water causes rust, which can lead to door and lock malfunctions.

Bar Locks

Many commercial doors have a built-in feature that allows you to manually depress or “dog-down” the crash bar. If your doors are equipped with this feature and security is not an issue, consider taking advantage of this. When you do this, your bar and lock will not be used as regularly, which will help release pressure and extend the life of your locks and doors.

Find A Locksmith Before You Need One

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