There are a number of things that can go wrong with your car—in fact, sometimes it’s best not to think about all the bad possibilities. While many of these occurrences are totally out of your control, there are many happenings, like locking your keys in your car, that can be prevented.

In this blog, we at Lock Poppers would like to offer some helpful tips and reminders for keeping a lockout from happening to you. However, if you do find yourself stranded outside your vehicle, remember that our emergency locksmith services are just a phone call away. As Fayettville and Jackson’s go-to 24-hour emergency locksmiths, you can contact us for all your commercial, residential, and auto lock needs.

Though there is no telling when you might lock your keys in your car, there are some things you can do to prevent it from happening. Read on to learn about some car lockout preventative measures.

Have a Spare

For every lock you have, you should have a spare key. Locksmiths and hardware stores, as well as a number of big department stores, offer key copying as a convenient and affordable service. However, simply making a spare key is not enough. It’s equally as important to have that spare in a safe place you won’t forget. For auto locks, one option is to purchase a magnetic box and hide your key somewhere on your vehicle. If you go with this option, it is vital that you pick a safe, inconspicuous spot.

Another, and perhaps better, solution may be to trust a friend or relative with a spare. When choosing this person—or people—be sure to select someone who is close to your frequented locations and is close enough to you that they would be willing to come to your rescue.

Use a Bright Key Chain

One common scenario for a lockout is setting your keys down on your seat and then locking and exiting the car without remembering to pick them back up. Tethering your keys to a bright and colorful keychain or lanyard can help catch your eye before you slam your door shut.

Create Good Habits

We are creatures of habit. The longer you do something the more cemented that thing becomes to your routine. Getting in the habit of putting your keys in your pocket or purse before exiting the car can be the perfect, sure way to keep from getting yourself locked out. To help commit this to memory, use a technique that works for you—perhaps a few months of keeping a sticky note on your dash or door that reads, “Do you have your keys?” Though you shouldn’t obsess over the matter, try to get in a habit of double-checking that you have your keys in your designated spot before exiting your car.

Subscribe to OnStar

In addition to offering emergency, security, and navigation services, the subscription service OnStar offers customers the ability to unlock their vehicle remotely via an OnStar operator or app. If you are prone to locking yourself out, you may want to consider this monthly investment.

Keep a Locksmith’s Number Handy

No one plans on locking their keys in their car. Though most people are equipped with smartphones, allowing them to access the internet and search for a locksmith, it’s much easier and reliable to have the number of a trusted locksmith already stored on your phone. This will prevent you from hastily calling an overpriced or disreputable locksmith when you are in need.

If you have yet to do this, store away our number now for safekeeping: Lock Poppers 1-866-POPPERS

Not only are the professional locksmiths of Lock Poppers available 24 hours a day, 6 days a week (closed Sunday) for all your locksmith services, but we take great pride in our customer service and in making your emergency our priority.

The moment you slam your door and realize your keys are locked inside can be infuriating and leave you feeling angry with yourself—as well as possibly making you late. If this is a regular occurrence for you, try out some of the above-listed tips and tricks. And if you find yourself locked out of your car, call Jackson and Fayetteville’s most trusted emergency locksmith, Lock Poppers.