To stop a burglar, you have to think like a burglar. As experienced locksmiths, we have seen our fair share of burglaries, and in today’s blog, we would like to delve into the minds of burglars to help better equip you with the knowledge you need to keep your home and family safe and protected from home invasions.

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Secure Windows

Burglars are all about finding entry points that present the least amount of resistance. Naturally, windows are one of the key targets. When putting these tips into place and conducting your own home security assessment, first ensure that all of your windows are locked—an alarming number of home intruders gain access into a home via an opened or unlocked window. Often times, burglars will target windows that are directly above shrubs that can be used to hide behind, and they will also target second-story windows because intruders will often climb up to the windows because they know that people often are not as diligent about safeguarding their second-story windows.

Be Aware Of People Staking Out

Many burglars will stake out a property before they make their move. This allows them to assess your home, develop an understanding of your routine, and devise a plan of attack. Similarly, if you have been receiving strange prank calls, this could be an indication that someone is plotting a burglary. Many intruders will call to verify if people are home and to learn more about you and your property. This is, of course, not always the case, and we don’t want to stoke paranoia. It could simply be a harmless annoyance. But remember to practice good judgment and not reveal too much information to strangers.

Be Smart on Social Media

It’s shocking the information that people will divulge on various social media platforms. If you don’t have strict privacy setting engaged, you should be especially wary of broadcasting information that may be valuable to potential burglars. By simply searching for your social media accounts, burglars can stake out your home without ever physically setting foot near your property. Information that may be used by burglars include new gifts, vacation plans, and saying when your home will be vacant—almost all intruders are looking for empty homes.

Bolster Garage Security

Though most burglars will target doors, windows, and old locks, the garage is another common entry point. This is not only because garages often serve as a storage and hiding spot for many valuables, but garages are also often a point of egress that many homeowners do not properly secure. Whether this means installing the wrong locks or having cheap windows with old locks, garage security is typically not as stringent as home security. Be sure not to overlook the importance of garage security, especially if your garage is connected to your home!

Be Vigilant and Aware

When plotting a burglary, many intruders will make repeat visits to your property. These repeat visits help them get a sense of your property and map out a plan. Whether you are a business owner or a homeowner, be cognizant of your surroundings and be on the lookout for anything out of the ordinary. For example, if you notice that your window or door locks appear to have been tampered with, be wary. If you notice a problem with your locks, contact your trusted locksmiths. They can repair, rekey, or replace locks, and bring you peace of mind.

Don’t Underestimate Door Locks

Locks are perhaps the most important part of home security. When an intruder attempts to enter your home or vehicle, the first thing they do is try to compromise or bypass the locks. Regardless of their goal, they will likely begin by assessing your door locks, and if you are not using quality locks, you are helping them achieve their goal. Conversely, if you have strong high-security locks, this will likely force burglars to look for another entry point or fail at breaking the locks.

Many of the techniques used by burglars to compromise locks are similar to the methods used by lock experts. Therefore, if you are worried about the integrity of your locks, contact your local Fayetteville & Jackson locksmiths. The professional lock experts at Lock Poppers can inspect your locks, perform a door lock repair or replacement, and put your mind at ease. In addition to these services, we also offer help for emergency car lockouts, broken key extractions, ignition repairs and replacements, and assistance with transponder keys and VATS keys. Contact us today to learn more!