Did you know that the manufactures started to introduce the transponder chip in the late 1997 until now?

What is a transponder? It is a chip that is located in the plastic part of the key. When the key is turned on it allows the car to crank. They did this to cut down on the cars from being stolen. 95% of the cars on the road today  are equipped with a transponder chip. When it come to purchasing a key online keep in mind you will need a professional locksmith to cut and program the key to your vehicle. Keep in mind your running the risk of purchasing a faulty key or getting a key that might look the same but may not match the chip that your vehicle needs therefore causing the key not to program or you could get a cheaply made key that may not last a month. When you purchase your keys from Lock Poppers we sale high quality keys that are proving to last and comes with a warranty. If you have lost your car key and need a replacement we generate car keys onsite. If you have a working key and need a 2nd copy Call the Pros at Lock Poppers and let our highly trained professional locksmith come to you and get you back on the road today. Call us for a free quote!!

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